Spiritual Education for Children


Ramjan’s  “The Spiritual Education of Children & Junior Youth” presents us with an admirable commentary on some of the Baha’i perspectives of what is required in such a process. Much of his information is gleaned from documents from the International Teaching Centre, and more specifically from a recent talk by Counselor Stephen Hall.

OneCountry, an online newsletter of the Baha’i International Community, provides us with an inspirational story of an educational program “UPLIFT” in Uganda that focuses on Literacy for Transformation.

A Baha’i Youth gives a details of her Youth Year of Service at the Allen Baha’i Primary School in Swaziland. Very sweet.

Julia shares her excitement with the Ruhi process…

The Ruhi process is amazing…It seems to remove the distinctions between people, namely, the us and them phenomenon, and makes “becoming a Bahá’í,” if even an issue at all, not an event but a life-long process. The Ruhi sequence of courses puts people from all walks of life into contact with the Word of God for this Day and accompanies them in service to humanity so that they are assisted in remaining on the path towards God for all of eternity.

And finally, how two Baha’is who are trained as teachers became inspired to run a Youth Summer Camp.

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