Empowering our Youth to Change the World


Empowering our Youth
A springboard for amazing resources for youth, parents and educators in empowering the youth to change the world:

  1. Get Global: ‘Information, support, and ideas for developing a Global Citizenship approach in your school‘ by Oxfam.
  2. Free the Children: Find your gift. Find your passion! Put them together, ‘and you will change the world. It only takes one small act to make a difference.
  3. The United Nations for Kids, Youth and Educators. A better world starts hereIt starts in our homes. In our schools and communities. In our country. It starts with you.
  4. Shaping Youtha forum about media and marketing’s influence on kids
  5. Girls for a Change – ‘empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social changes. GFC provides girls with professional female models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communities
  6. GlobalEducation: ‘to increase the amound and quality of teaching of global ecuation in Australian Primary and secondary schools…. aims to raise awareness and understanding amoung Australian school students of international issues, development and poverty, and to prepare them to live in an increasingly globalised world and to be active citizens shaping better futures‘.
  7. Girls Scouts‘  Challenge and Change which ‘teaches teen girls how to identify and solve community problems with lasting, innovative solutions‘.
  8. Empowering Youth:How to encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things’ is a site focused on answering this question. ‘It’s a hands on guide to developing what is best in young people: their vision crative power, and drive to make the world an inclusive, sustainable place for themselves and future generations.
  9. Cool planetWe live in an amazing world. But what do you really know about the world that you inhabit
  10. The Youth Empowerment Project: ‘…of youth, by youth, for youth‘ aims to ‘foster, develop and support youth initiative, and a strong representational youth voice in the service and decision-making life of our community, and to engage youth as resources on a county, state-wide, national and international basis.
  11. Youth Empowerment Alliance:Dream. Build. Soarcreates strategic partnerships with people and organizations committed to assisting youth in finding and harnessing their potential so they can positively impact the world around them.’
  12. Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) is ‘a children’s charity that provides a weekly mentoring service for young people aged 11-14 years old from diverse backgrounds though Belfast…an organisation run by young people for young people providing a fresh and dynamic environment for participants and volunteers. We are also the only charity that promotes social inclusion amongst children of diverse backgrounds.
  13. YouThink! …but do you know?gives you information about global issues you said matter to you. Check out the research, knowledge and experience gathered by World Bank experts on international development…. Share with us what you see…. Figure out what you can do to make your community and this world a better places…. People say if a butterfly flutters its winds in one place, a storm gathers halfway around the world. The world functions like that Everything is linked — education, employment, health, trade, conflict, etc. Sometimes these connections may be hard to see, but they exist, and their consequences affect us all regardless of where you live. You are the present. You are inheriting the future.
  14. Neo ‘Concerned about the future? Declare yourself and let the world bear witness to your stand!’
  15. HopeworksExpanding the Futures of Youth‘ ‘enhancing the ives of inner-city Camde nyouth by expanding the learning opportunities available to them, pointing the way to a future full of hope and working together to create that future.’
  16. ruMAD? (Are You making a difference?) is a values-focused, student-led, and inquiry-based curriculum framework that encourages students to make a difference!…to inpsire and challenge students in schools across Australia.’ (see also a Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning)
  17. OneWorld: ‘Discover your power – Power to know, to speak, to make a difference‘. ‘An online hub publishing news on global issues and providing support to nonprofits helping to create a better world.
  18. Teaching Tolerance: ‘to support young people who wanted to create change and started Mix It Up….believes in the power of youth to create and sustain real change‘. A project of the southern poverty law center ‘
  19. Learn and Serve ClearinghouseAmerica’s most comprehensive service-learning resource
  20. National Service-Learning partnershipA nationwide network of members advancing service-learning as a core part of every young person’s life and education.

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  1. Honored to be among your link list of worthy orgs here…In fact, if you don’t mind, I’ll link back to it in a post I’m working on right now on youth empowerment! :-)

    Amy Jussel
    Founder/Exec. Dir.
    Using the power of media for positive change

  2. […] more youth empowerment sites and agents of change, see this great list at Junior Youth that we’re proud to be included on, among other orgs “Empowering youth to change the […]

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