Best Baha’i Posts for December


Bangalore Regional Baha\'i Conference

ON THE MIND of every Baha’i around the world are the Regional Baha’i conferences that are happening all around the world.The official reports of the Regional Conferences as they come in, can be found here. You can also find Online videos of various Baha’i Regional Conferences:(Manila, Lumbashi, Bangalore, Johnannesburg, New Delhi, Atlanta, Anotfagusta, and more) as well as the classic source of YouTube videos on the Regional confereences.

For two of many touching personal recollections and reflections: one from the Baha’i Conference for the NorthEastern States (USA) and another from the Central Regional Baha’i Conference (Chicago) titled ‘I can do that too!

On the topic of delightful stories, ‘Study Circle gives power to make change‘ makes an enjoyable read. Similarly, here are two personal reflections on passages from the Writings of Baha’ullah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha: ‘One family‘ and ‘And as ye have faith‘ as well as a touching historical story of the Commander of the Guard Colonel Ahmad-i-Jarrah, ‘A family history of sevice to Baha’u’llah‘.

For the visual learners, here is an excellent screenshot of a presentation about the principles that the Beloved Guardian enunciated for the Baha’i community: ‘netiher overstress nor whittle down the truth that you champion‘.

I leave you with a very novel and sweet idea (as reported by one of Australia’s leading newspapers):

THE adage don’t judge a book by its cover has taken on a different meaning on the North Coast.

Instead of borrowing literature at the library, book lovers can now take out a person – a new venture started at Lismore Library that is to become Australia-wide.

“I have 50 to 100 conversations a day saying hi, goodbye and about the weather and this is a good chance to get to know each other’s life out of everyday conversation,” Amelia Hosseini said, who is one of the “books” taking part in Lismore’s Living Library.

Titled Baha’i Youth, the 17-year-old can be borrowed for 30 minutes on the first Friday of the month where she tells lenders about her background, religion and life. READ MORE

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