Are you buried in your Startup? And other Startup stories you must read


Charlie in ‘Buried in your own startup? Who’s going to get buried in yours?‘ writes:

‘…too many people bury themselves in their own work, and then when it comes down to needing a supportive community to grow their service, they find a lot of tumbleweed blowing through their social graph.  Don’t expect to disappear on your friends and fellow entrepreneurs for months on and and then expect the cavalry to arrive when you need a Digg.

‘A lot of people cling to startups who seem to be on the rise, but fail to be there for others when things aren’t going so well.  Helping someone who is down and out in a difficult time is not only severely needed, because the ups and downs of the startup world can be difficult, but can also put you in the right place at the right time when companies start scuttling themselves.’

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