More amazing resources for teaching English and literacy


Games to Learn English has a variety of fun and highly interactive games and activities to learn English, nicluding Basketball, Shoot, Food ,Sounds, FastHands and Christmas.

Online Utility offers us the following:

SpellingCity, on online spelling program features eight games powered by over 35,000 spelling words; a real person’s voice for audio and thousands of free spelling lists.

The Word and the World:Technology aids Engish-Language learners‘ is a moderately in-depth post about the use of technologies to effective pedagogically-sound langauge learning.

The  English Teacher Blog writes that the best wat to teach vocabulary is to pul unfamiliar words from student reading. To this end, Laying the Foudnation offers lists of SAT-level vobulary words drawn from 131 school-level novels and works of Shakespeare. Each packet inclused a list of wrods, synonmys, anotnyms, a quick quiz and other practice items.

Story Nory, addresses the question ‘What to do when your students love stories, but hate reading?’. A source of many audio stories for kids, and many more are added each week. Excellent way to combine literacy with entertainment. TeachingProfessor addresses a similar question from a different perspective in his article ‘Getting students to read‘.

Kevin Jarrett’s articles ‘Tikatok: imagine a story. Create a Book. Inspire a kid!” is a review of Tikatok — a website that makes it really easy for kids to write, ullastrate and publish their won books. Kevin continues by saying that he thinks this company is one of the few websites that really ‘get it’ about enhancing kids’ educations, and praises their driving philosphy as well as their end-product.

On the topic of lesson activities, don’t miss Teaching Parts of Speech through song as a means for teaching kids about grammatical elements.

For those of you of haven’t heard, Simple English Wikipedia makes the super useful Wikipedia suitable for young children or English language learners. It’s pretty much what it sounds like — all articles are written in simple English words and grammar, and the sentences are short for easier comprehension.

Continuiing the reference materials link, definr is a funky and very fast method of finding the definitions and meanings of words.

I leave you with articles, resources and thoughts on one of the ultimate forms of literacy: story-telling!

Go right now to see Jonathan Harris’ experiment in storytelling: an Alaskan whale hunt. Jonathan took photos at least every 5 minutes for the week of the tale, which itself is a unique means of using the camera to capture the story, freeze-drying moments instead of memories. Then he returned and created a stunning interface to display his 3,214 photos — many of them stunning — enabling you to explore by time, by image, by adrenalin (how many photos he took in a given scene, mimicking his heartbeat), by characters, and by concept tags (for example, blood). I dabbled at first, poking my head into the story here and there, randomly or by tags. But then I had to watch the whole thing. So I recommend heartily that you go over and explore yourself.

Happy reading!

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  2. […] Vote More amazing resources for teaching English and literacy […]

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