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Larry Ferlazzo offer us The Best Internet Sites for English Language Learners 2008 survey. You can vote for your favourite, or you can simply use the list as an awesome springboard for amazing English Language learning sites. He is quite frequently posting up surveys, and another useful one would be ‘Best online learning games 2008‘.

One of my pet peeves is that many educated people still do not know how to use apostrophes, know the difference between ‘which’ and ‘that’, and the difference between’good and ‘well’. Help has now arrived for via ‘Advanced English grfammar video lessons‘. Actually, their entire site, BusinessEnglishPod is well worth a browse.

Love Tetris. Then you’ll love WordConnect. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This is an amazing educational game. Instead of falling pieces you have falling letters, and then whenever a word is completed is disapperas.

Some meta-resources are available through the interview ‘Learning the language‘ by Mary Ann Zehr.

60-second Shakespeare is one of those really cool ideas, that once you see it/hear of it, you say to yourself ‘why didn’t any thing of this before.’ It is a project from the BBC to create their own imaginative/creative tabloid article on a Shakespearean play. ef ‘Tragi double teen death’. Even though the project has officially ended this is one of those ideas that is great for a classroom. Likewise, PoetryVisualized is a beautiful site for all the senses.

For the poetry lovers out there, you will love Poetry 180. Offered by Billy Collins, poet laureate of the United States. it is ‘designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem on each of the 180 days of school.

Teen Literacy Tips akss ‘Can you write a story without using the letter E?‘. A fun way to engage students in writing.

Finally, I leave you with a really inspirational teacher who is using lots of small whiteboards to do highly-interactive literacy lessons.

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