The Neighbourhood as an integral pillar of our society


Isn’t it time you talked to your Neighbour? A recent survey on Neighbourhoods by Full of Life, shows what I think is a very worrying trend (though hardly unexpected).

  • 8% of people don’t their neighbour’s name
  • 20% have hardly ever spoken to their neighbours,
  • 58% think that neighbor are becoming more distant

However, in contrast to the ever-constant barrage of bad news these days, Baha’i Perspectives reminds us that Baha’u’llah had not only foretold of times like this, but had given us a blueprint for a global solution.  The Univesal House of Justice, in 1985 reminded us of this in their statement “The Promise of World Peace”. They have another excellent article on the latent perfections of youth. I have said it many times before, but anyone who has an interest in seeing the potential of kids to be global citizens should visit the Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative, whether it be to see what inspirational things kids are doing around the world, or as a resource repository for ideas for your students, this is the place to visit.

Talking about the new generation, I think that this post is interesting, not for the politics per se, but the more overriding question it asks: ‘Is Gen-Y then first post-racial generation?‘ On the topic of political commentators raising the topic of religion, we note that the Baha’i Faith was discussed by no less than the Huffington Post as the ultimate Global religion.

Likewise, it is heartening to know that the idea of researchers are showing the the idea of compassion, is not just a U ideal, but rather compassion is hard-wired into our brain.

If you are looking for a book with a title like no other, go no further than “Fire department religion“. In their words ‘Fire Department Religion demonstrates that if the world’s religions adopted fire service customer service principles, religion would finally bring people together, promote universal human rights, create opportunities for world peace, and ultimately lead to a validation of the One God whose voice we all hear in equally beautiful ways.‘ Available from Borders, Amazon and the likes.

In terms of service it there are two tiny gems. One by the Montreal Baha’is ““It seems that whatever service project that you do, even a small one that doesn’t quite work out, is better than not doing anything at all, because when you act, the ‘failure’ of your service project turns into a learning victory, whereas doing nothing is, in itself, a failure.”, the other is by a media and marketing lady (isn’t is a good reminder that gems can come from so many different and varying sources!) where she succintly says “Make good work, Do good deeds. Be awesome…life now has a tagline.’

Finally on the topic of ‘Do good deeds, and be awesome’, I close with four video interviews from the ‘Transforming neighbourhoods site  Knights in Pajamas, Empowering Junior Youth in East Vancouver Neighbourhood, Thomas’ Reflections‘, and ‘France and Friends‘.

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