3 Great resources for online teaching


The Wisconsin online Resource Center, “a digital library of web-based learning resources,…is available to colleges, universities and consortia from throughout the United States and around the world with permission.” has some pretty impressive stuff. Also, Curriki , which aims to allow teachers to collect lesson plans, contribute teaching resources and connect with other educators is pretty cool decent education portal.

SANGONet, is the portal for NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in South Africa offers “Changing the interface of education“. Their entire site is certainly worth a browse.

On a similar, but different strand, Wired campus talks about a move of taking open education beyond merely posting course materials online. This is worth a read for two reasons. First, is that it is educationally sound. Educators have been saying foever that placing course materials online does not imrpove the educational value of a course, merely it increases accessibility. For the sheer majority of students, the only way real, deep and long-lasting learning occurs, is through active participation. This might be in the form of doing exercises, discussing, questioning, analysing or experimenting. Either way, merely offering course materials for people to read, is hardly a meaningful way to educate someone.

Secondly, his phrase “knowledge is free, the qualification will cost you”. Think about it. This is huge. I would expect that in the near future this will be the standard for Education 2.0. Is it not already the implied standard. At many of the prestigious universities in the U.S and around the world, you may not be able to argue that their content and/or delivery is worth the increased fees, especially given the availability of information nowadays, however, the qualification you get at the end: “I graduated from Oxford University” is worth much more than saying you graduated from your local unknown university.

Finally, Sue Waters, in the context of online learning, asks “Can you help me inspire our future teachers?”

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