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Personal Reflections on facilitating Ruhi Book 1 for youth aged 12-17

And as for self reflection, I remember how difficult that age is. It seems like a lifetime ago for me, but in truth was not more than a few years ago. And I didn’t have a Ruhi circle to join. My grandma was living with us, and her need for constant care prevented my mother from participating in the Baha’i community, and I left the catholic church in 8th grade. It’s hard enough figuring out who you are let alone what religion is right for you. I’m grateful for my parents because of their unconditional tough love. I can’t imagine what kind of trouble I would have gotten into without their constant supervision. For that I am thankful. READ MORE

Junior Youth and Gaelic Football

I just got back from a wicked weekend in Dublin, Ireland. I had gone there to participate in a junior youth project with the local Baha’i Community of Dublin. The project involved a number of youth and adults working together intensively over a period of days to reach out to neighborhoods and invite the children (aged 5-10) and junior youth (aged 11-14) to join children’s classes and a junior youth group. I met some of the most amazing people… many of who were football and GAELIC football fans! READ MORE

Youth help move a b-stage cluster forward

Even though the number of resources in the field is still relatively small, recent teaching efforts have resulted in 3 declarations. Learning and confidence through experience is on the rise. The 5 youth who are studying Book 7 have all participated in teaching efforts and are assisting with children’s classes. The Local Spiritual Assembly is more actively supportive than ever before.

The Auxiliary Board members are having meetings with the youth to deepen their understanding of the significant role they have to play. Mobilizing the youth has been a key factor for renewing the spirit of teaching in the cluster. READ MORE

Learnings from the Manchester Junior Youth Project

Today we have to rush out a DVD of a video we made couple of months back. It was a video Rosh and I made for the Manchester Junior Youth Project – which was a two weeks training and outreach program held in the Manchester where youth all over England came together to be trained to become junior youth animators (also better known as Ruhi Book 5) in the morning sessions while in the afternoon they were split into 3 groups for 3 different localities for outreach. Junior youth of the local communities came together as well during the outreach and many of them are first time door-knockers. Taster sessions, which are basically snippets of what a junior youth classes are like, were held at community centres and Baha’i centre every day for these two weeks and at the end of the campaign, 2000 doors were knocked and we successfully kick-started 3 junior youth groups. READ MORE

Kids in British Columbia stay after school to nourish their spirits

On Wednesday afternoons, when most older kids in Sooke have already gone home, a number of their 11 year old peers are staying after school to nourish their spirits. About ten students of Sooke’s Journey Middle School are now a part of the recently instituted Junior Youth Empowerment Program, a group intended to give youth a safe space to express themselves, help them build healthy relationships, and connect them with youth around the world.  READ MORE

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  1. Mobin Sheraz on May 8th, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Abha..am Mobin Sheraz part of baha’i community of pakistan..i want to learn through experiences can you send me at my email address smmobin@gmail.com. am junior youth coordinator and want to share pakistan’s experiences to worldwide animators for learning.but i dont know what i do..can you give me suggestion or email id..web post forum..

    Thanks and regards,
    Mobin Sheraz

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