35 Tools for teachers and tutors to keep up with today’s technology


In this day and age where it is a constant struggle to keep up with the latest web 2.0 technologies, Mashable offers us “35 Tools For Teachers, Tutors and Students“. It offers all kinds of tools that can help you do most of your planning including learning management systems, social networking communities for students, as well as tutoring services.

Alternatively, Alsagoff via his blog ZaidLearn offers an absolutely brilliantly extensive that lists “at least one excellent free learning tool (or site) for every learning problem, need or issue!” .

For those who are looking more for explicit list of how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning, then look no further than Alsagoff’s “69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies.”. This book has an excellent review and run-down at here, where Open Education where they say:

….the book brings together key “learning nuggets” as Zaid calls them with the arbitrary number 69 representing what he feels are the best learning chunks to appear over the past year on his blog, ZaidLearn.

Currently the e-Learning Manager at INCEIF, Zaid has extensive hands-on experience with e-learning in higher education. The educator also has done research in a variety of e-learning areas including educational gaming, role-play simulation, virtual classrooms, learning (content) management systems, e-learning standards, instructional design and courseware development.

and continues

To help readers, the good professor has divided his text into six distinct galaxies or sections: learning, teaching, stories, free e-learning tools, free learning content, and free edugames. Fellow educators taking the time to download the book will find a wealth of helpful information within each subcategory.

Adding greatly to the appeal is a number of wonderful quotes from some of the greatest minds of our time. Zaid has pearls of wisdom from the likes of Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Victor Hugo, Tom J. Connelly, and William Arthur Ward (great teachers inspire).

….His Stories Galaxy includes Warren Buffet’s “MBA Talk,” Steve Ballmer’s “How Do You Motivate Staff?” and the incredible “The World Is Flat” from Thomas Friedman.

For a lighter read, there is an fairly interesting and easy-going piece in the New Yourk Times called “At school, Technnology starts to turn the corner.. It starts like this”. It starts like this:

COUNT me a technological optimist, but I have always thought that the people who advocate putting computers in classrooms as a way to transform education were well intentioned but wide of the mark. It’s not the problem, and it’s not the answer.

Yet as a new school year begins, the time may have come to reconsider how large a role technology can play in changing education. There are promising examples, both in the United States and abroad, and they share some characteristics. The ratio of computers to pupils is one to one. Technology isn’t off in a computer lab. Computing is an integral tool in all disciplines, always at the ready.

And for a tougher, and certainly thought-provoking time, I challenge you to the “Twenty-three Questions on Technology and Education” which include:

(1) How does one build an efficient, scalable, affordable community network? (802.11s is not yet the solution and may never be.) How do we efficiently connect these local networks to the global network?

(5) Can we design a more symmetric global content distribution system, so that people everywhere are on a more equal footing as both creators and consumers of content?

(10) Is school reform possible (in our lifetimes)? Are there systemic approaches to overcoming the systemic barriers to change?

(11) How can we unleash the teacher in the classroom and in each of us?

(12) Are there new tools for collaboration, critique, and meaningful evaluation? (There lessons the education community can learn from the FOSS community.)

(13) How can we engaging the local, regional, and global communities to help? Are there any other ways to scale such that every child has an opportunity for a quality learning experience.

Happy reading and teaching!

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