Why educators need vision


Chris Lehmann in “Why We Need Vision” writes some compelling stuff that is at once inspirational and  practical. It was original written to address the question “How can Philadelphia improve its public education system?”

First killer point:

We can talk about all of the issues facing public education, but we have to fundamentally ask ourselves first what we want our schools to be. We have to be able to articulate a strong vision of what we want our schools to be or other people are going to tell us what our schools have to be.

….We need to tell a new story — we need to articulate a vision of caring, student-centered schools where students are judged by the work of their own head, heart and hands. We need to talk about how the technological tools at our disposal allow us to fundamentally change the structures of our schools so that we can prepare students for the world they will inherit…

Second Killer point

Right now, there are too many people who want to put too much of the fault on the people in the system. That’s the biggest legacy of NCLB — the erosion of trust in educators. And that’s criminal because we are squandering the good will and hard work of a generation of teachers.

Right on, Chris! We need more people like him leading the charge on the education of our junior youth.

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