Heekya: Wikipedia for stories


Although, very short on information, it seems that at least the idea of what “Heekya” is planning, sounds very interesting. From their blog:

‘Heekya is a social storytelling platform. We aim to change the way you tell, share and discover stories on the internet.”

Mashable gives a slightly more detailed explanation of the service:

Currently in private beta, a new service called Heekya is joining this larger development trend with a story creation tool that doesn’t require direct social interaction but taps into the web community as a whole for the rendering of a given project, which can be created and recreated over and over again, by any number of users. In the video below, Heekya gives the example of a friend’s wedding, which is documented by the bride and groom and filled with photos, text and videos.

This idea, if not this company, has so much potential for online learning for the youth, via informal learning — the combining of social collaboration, literacy development, and creativity.

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