What will you do to change the world?


The Cooperative Commons writes about “An experiment on collaboration: trying to change the world”

Ever wondered what you could do to change the world?
Just decide, say it publicly, and things will start to happen.

….And now there is a chance to experiment with the concept as a way to improve the world we live in:
It is happening at http://www.neo.org : you can change the world by committing to some action in whatever area you choose to focus on. Then you can invite your friends, to let them know about your goal, so that they can be aware of it, and eventually help you achieve it. And then, because all this is happening in public, you will also naturally feel committed to making progress, and this public declaration you have made will help you keep focus during the good days and the bad days along the journey.

This type of website, trying to channel the individual energy into larger bigger world changing projects, is not new. I have seen several instance of similar concept.
But so far nothing that was so simple yet potentially so powerful: it is not voting for an idea somebody else had, or signing a petition, or subscribing to a newsletter, or sponsoring through donation, or pledging time as a volunteer like the many things I have seen before. It is a personal commitment to action. No need to state anything specific if you do not have a plan, but you need to define a mission for yourself, and then see how it feels.

Why don’t we get our junior youth to contribute to this site. I would be fascinated to see how the junior youth want to change the world.

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