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At a time when the youth at junior high level think that the Periodic table is just a mess of unintelligble symbols and numbers that they have to memorize for their chemistry exams, Brian Haveri, shows us that using a periodic table metaphor is a very neat idea to visualize just about anything! He offers a few examples from lists of Charities [currently down], to U2 songs, to the life of the universe, to techincal topics.

In the same spirit, we offer the Periodic Table of Visualization, which catalogs more than 100 ways of visualizing information, all using the Periodic Table metaphor.

Of course, if you really are teaching the Chemistry version of the Periodic table then you should definitely bookmark, the Periodic Table of Videos, which contains samples and experiments with each of these elements. And for the analytically and diagrammatically minded there is a quite a reasonable flash-based Periodic table at Animated Learning.

Of the more light-hearted but still entertaining and educationally there is the classic Tom Lehrer’s “The elements song” in standard video as well as Flash format, where he sings a song that lists all the elements of the Periodic Table. Also available in endless variations, such as here and here, as well as other students to sing it, but it has also inspired other different ones like the Periodic Table of Rock and Roll. And finally, on a completely different note, the Marie Curie Actions, a division the Europenan Commison for Research offers this dorky but edutaining video called the “Chemical Party”.

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