Spiritual Education for Children

Ramjan’s  “The Spiritual Education of Children & Junior Youth” presents us with an admirable commentary on some of the Baha’i perspectives of what is required in such a process. Much of his information is gleaned from documents from the International Teaching Centre, and more specifically from a recent talk by Counselor Stephen Hall.

OneCountry, an online newsletter of the Baha’i International Community, provides us with an inspirational story of an educational program “UPLIFT” in Uganda that focuses on Literacy for Transformation.

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Walking the Spiritual Path of Empowerment with Practical Feet

The Baha’i Junior Youth Empowerment Campaign is about giving the Junior Youth spiritual skills, values and knowledge as world citizens. To complement this, and in the spirit of ‘walking the spiritual path with practical feet’ here are some of my favourite personal productivity articles. In many cases, I have given specific links to the actual blogs themselves as I they are also my favourite blogs:

  1. Why are we happy? Why are we not happy?challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want.‘ via TED
  2. Things I wish I’d known when I was youngerMost people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful. There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life; things that could have saved me from many of the mistakes and hurts I suffered over the years‘ via LifeHack
  3. Power Napping – Improved mental and physical performanceA power nap, says Mednick, simply maximizes these benefits by getting the sleeper into and out of rejuvenative sleep as fast as possible.‘ via the  Ririan Project
  4. Best 50 Hacks for your Life ‘the best 50 life hacks of the year, based on their popularity and contents in different categories’ via Lifehack
  5. How to save time in the long term via Life Optimizer ‘how to live life to the fullest through personal growth Click here to read the rest of this article! »

Resources for Junior Youth and Children’s classes

Some funky blog posts by Baha’is

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Raising our Youth as Global Citizens

Global KidsWITHOUT A DOUBT, the Global Kids’ Digitial Media Initiative is one of the most inspiring, and yet down-to-earth projects out there. Certainly worth looking at, is their Digital Media Essay section. Similarly, Life Round Here, is very similar with work from 10-13 year olds from around the world submitting Digital stories. Also, Global Learning: Connecting the World with ePals. insightful commentary what education could and should look like if students are to learn by connecting with learners in other parts of the world.  To help students get a large world-perspective on the world, the Whole Earth Video which comprises of NASA footage of the satellites looking towards the earth, is a reminder of ‘the earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens’. Worldometers,  ‘managed by an international dream of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world.‘.Very simple, and yet very effective.

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Empowering our Youth to Change the World

Empowering our Youth
A springboard for amazing resources for youth, parents and educators in empowering the youth to change the world:

  1. Get Global: ‘Information, support, and ideas for developing a Global Citizenship approach in your school‘ by Oxfam.
  2. Free the Children: Find your gift. Find your passion! Put them together, ‘and you will change the world. It only takes one small act to make a difference.
  3. The United Nations for Kids, Youth and Educators. A better world starts hereIt starts in our homes. In our schools and communities. In our country. It starts with you.
  4. Shaping Youtha forum about media and marketing’s influence on kids
  5. Girls for a Change – ‘empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social changes. GFC provides girls with professional female models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communitiesClick here to read the rest of this article! »

Preparing our kids for the future

Leader Talk offers some interesting insights into ‘Protect or Prepare: Which is better for Children?‘ Also, Thoma at OpenEducation discusses the premise ‘To Raise Smart and Successful Children focus on a Work Ethic‘, whilst “One positive relationship can make a huge difference for ‘at risk’ students” where a teacher recounts ‘I’ve found that students learn best for me when I’ve been able to develop a positive relationship with them. That’s why I take the time to do that.

Do shock Ads deter Youth?‘ briefly talks about some confrontational media campaigns aimed at stopping destructive behaviours such as binge drinking. Whilst Joanne in ‘Eco-kids socializing parents‘, raises the discussion of environmental educators wanting children to use ‘pester power’ to socialize their parents.

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Best Baha’i Posts for December

Bangalore Regional Baha\'i Conference

ON THE MIND of every Baha’i around the world are the Regional Baha’i conferences that are happening all around the world.The official reports of the Regional Conferences as they come in, can be found here. You can also find Online videos of various Baha’i Regional Conferences:(Manila, Lumbashi, Bangalore, Johnannesburg, New Delhi, Atlanta, Anotfagusta, and more) as well as the classic source of YouTube videos on the Regional confereences.

For two of many touching personal recollections and reflections: one from the Baha’i Conference for the NorthEastern States (USA) and another from the Central Regional Baha’i Conference (Chicago) titled ‘I can do that too!

On the topic of delightful stories, ‘Study Circle gives power to make change‘ makes an enjoyable read. Similarly, here are two personal reflections on passages from the Writings of Baha’ullah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha: ‘One family‘ and ‘And as ye have faith‘ as well as a touching historical story of the Commander of the Guard Colonel Ahmad-i-Jarrah, ‘A family history of sevice to Baha’u’llah‘.

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Who inspires you to be better?

Here are some seriously deep questions which are a perfect starting point for personal reflection:

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Are you buried in your Startup? And other Startup stories you must read

Charlie in ‘Buried in your own startup? Who’s going to get buried in yours?‘ writes:

‘…too many people bury themselves in their own work, and then when it comes down to needing a supportive community to grow their service, they find a lot of tumbleweed blowing through their social graph.  Don’t expect to disappear on your friends and fellow entrepreneurs for months on and and then expect the cavalry to arrive when you need a Digg.

‘A lot of people cling to startups who seem to be on the rise, but fail to be there for others when things aren’t going so well.  Helping someone who is down and out in a difficult time is not only severely needed, because the ups and downs of the startup world can be difficult, but can also put you in the right place at the right time when companies start scuttling themselves.’

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More amazing resources for teaching English and literacy

Games to Learn English has a variety of fun and highly interactive games and activities to learn English, nicluding Basketball, Shoot, Food ,Sounds, FastHands and Christmas.

Online Utility offers us the following:

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